Delicate Situations

Our lives are full of them aren’t they? Situations where one thoughtless word can tear down years of built trust and reliability, or where even a look can create uncertainty.  Some people probably deal with these situations more than others, but I guarantee, anyone who has a child will deal with them on an almost daily basis. 

Today we are notified of the boy wonder’s behavior lately by the school.  My first instinct is to “Momma Bear Up”, but is that the right answer? I pray, asking the Lord to help me out a little, show me what to do.  I talk to the Big boy wonder, he’s just as upset as I am…that’s not so helpful.  A part of me wants to know why parents aren’t informed of transgressions before punishments are handed down.  Doesn’t every parent want to know that justice is blind? That punishments are handed down only after all sides of the story are examined? And yet…there are those times I can remember thinking that the school should do more to curtail bad behaviors (never imaginging I guess that MY boy wonder would be the purpetrator). 

So, what’s a person to do in delicate situations? I say…give it to God.  He created the universe…surely he can handle my puney little problem, and certainly without undue harm.  Thank you Lord for handling my little situations for me, you are so much better at it than I am. 




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