Reasons to Smile and Reasons to Think

There are various things in life that will make us smile. A pretty sunset, a cute puppy, a funny joke from a good friend. For me, it’s my Boys Wonder, they make me smile every time I look at them. I can’t imagine where my life would be without them here. I’ll admit, the Wonder Pup makes me smile too, but he’s just a pup. There is something divine about the families the Lord gives us, they represent a piece of us, they show the world who we really are, they show us who we really are. And thus they are my reasons to smile.
There is however a reason I am able to smile…my Lord who wakes me every morning and gives me breath. Without Him I am nothing. So, Thank You Lord for my smile, and for my reasons to show it off. You are good and gracious to no end.
Today I also have reasons to think. A dear family member was taken advantage of today by some person(s) who sought to pray on people of good Faith. At first the natural reaction is to anger, steam coming out of your ears, want to punch someone in the throat anger. But as I turn to my Lord, my second reaction is to sadness. Sadness over this fallen world, His fallen creation, and the ability to mercilessly abuse our brothers and sisters. Some these days say how despicable we are to commit crimes against our fellow humans, these same people often claim that we are one with animals and the dirt beneath our feet. But I know the truth, I know that when we turn away from our Creator and deny him daily then the natural thing to do is commit the sins already burning deep within our hearts. So today, humanity, in all of it’s sinful nastyness is my reason to think, and again to thank my Lord for his grace and mercy.
Grace and Peace to you.


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